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Enclave Tourism Versus Agritourism System †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss aout the Enclave Tourism Versus Agritourism System. Answer: Introduction: This plan helps in the strengthening of the tourism sector, helps in the improvement of job and used to develop the working skills in the youth. The positive impact of this program is increase in the social networking which will help in reducing the isolation during the visit in the farm. It also increases the pride of the community through the engagement of the community (Boley et al. 2014). This plan will also help to secure the employment needs of the community in the present and in future. The negative impacts of this plan are reduction in the capacity of businesses in the survival period of the economic loss. This loss also effects on the survival of the community because due to the poor prospects of the work the migration occurs both inside the country and to other countries. The negative standards of the society and the economy will lead to the reduction in the standards of the mental health (Carneiro, Eusbio and Caldeira 2017). The intended consequences of LFSP in development of work in agro-tourism are that the society and the economy are motivated in such a manner which generally focuses on the strength of the existing community which are relevant and had been used practically. As the time passes the local measures are to be supported by the collaboration of the measures of the region; the supplementary income had been improved and the financial support could be achieved by the mobilization of the resources and the networking of the region. The access can be improved for both the socio-economic benefits through participation and the management of the plan can be achieved by the help of the committees that are nominated by the local peoples. There is a development of the sets of new skills by providing practical training and this will help in increasing the prospects of job across the world (Milner et al. 2014). The development of the new skills of the workers will increase the prospects of job among the youth in the agro-tourism industry (e.g. manual labor to business management). For the agriculturists, stress can be alleviated with help amid crest gathering seasons, expanding merchandise creation for more noteworthy accumulating and conveyance. The chance to share the frequently private and disconnecting cultivating way of life can likewise exhibit huge social prizes for people (Hwang and Lee 2015). In the agro tourism industry, both the agrarian item and the farmhouse are the primary parts of the business. Consequently, by enabling an untrained laborer to work in the improvement of the item may prompt different unintended outcomes. These unintended results bargains of the great nature of sustenance, delays in the improvement of the item, increment in the word related wellbeing, increment in the introduction to the allergens of the conditions (e.g. dust), increment in the anxiety administration with the assistance of the volunteers, which the agro tourism income does not adjust with the endeavors that are required for the manageability of program. According to the advocacy toolkit: The issue: The agro tourism can be done in a particular time of the season when the farming is done. Rest of the time the workers those are working in this industry loses their work due to which they become unemployed which leads to the low income of the whole family. This low income leads to the migration of the people in search of finding some job so that their rate of income increases. Now for reducing this unemployment and migration a strategic plan can be developed which will help in maintaining the employment (Park et al. 2014). There are many factors which leads to low income, but the most important factor is unemployment. Unemployment generally creates a shortage of financial stability which gradually leads to low income and eventually towards poverty. The unemployed people and their families will have a low standard of living as compared to the employed people. The answer: After preparing this strategic plan, I will ask a local farm for implementing this plan and have a watch that does this plan is working or not. For making the farm committee to implement this plan, I will describe them that at the time of the season when there is no farming the youth become unemployed at that time you may apply this plan in which you can engage the workers in some different tasks or train them for farming by providing them certain amount of wages (Park et al. 2014). The audience: For implementing the strategy I will choose some of the farm and their committee members to address the strategy plan. The best way to communicate with them is by presentation which will describe them about the plan. Timing: Most of the people are ready to listen because they dont want to be unemployed or leave their home and migrate. Personal cost: The farmers and the wholesalers generally decide the pricing of the tourism. The direct consumer must be charged the full price for the products. The tour guide receives a 10% discount from the farm. The wholesaler receives a 20-20% of discount which will depend upon profit or loss of the agro-tourism (Lane and Kastenholz 2015). Various numbers of assumptions have been made for this proposal, which includes a real interest, wish and need for expanding the tourism. With this strategy the youths will get the capacity for the participation, which increases the number of population in the workers from the community. This strategy will help the farmers to have time for their development and skills; it will provide the interests in the training of the youth and the outcome of the plan will be equal for all of the stakeholders (i.e. farmers, investors and participants) (Naidoo and Pearce 2016). Despite of the given limitations, the LFSP is the appropriate plan for the worker and the farmer in the agro-tourism industry, given that manual labor and outdoor activities are likely to be lifestyle interests for this age group. Further it can be said that, utilization of the existing resources, the strengths and the interests of the community, will help to develop a sustainable model for the promotion of health which will empower the total community through the increase in action, the engagement of a farmer and collaboration with the market and the stakeholders, among the people of different age group and different business sectors (Barcus, H., 2014). References Barcus, H., 2014. Sustainable development or integrated rural tourism? Considering the overlap in rural development strategies.Journal of Rural and Community Development,8(3). Boley, B.B., McGehee, N.G., Perdue, R.R. and Long, P., 2014. Empowerment and resident attitudes toward tourism: Strengthening the theoretical foundation through a Weberian lens.Annals of Tourism Research,49, pp.33-50. Carneiro, M.J., Eusbio, C. and Caldeira, A., 2017. The Influence of Social Contact in Residents Perceptions of the Tourism Impact on Their Quality of Life: A Structural Equation Model.Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality Tourism, pp.1-30. Hwang, J. and Lee, S., 2015. The effect of the rural tourism policy on non-farm income in South Korea. Tourism management,46, pp.501-513. Lane, B. and Kastenholz, E., 2015. Rural tourism: the evolution of practice and research approachestowards a new generation concept?.Journal of Sustainable Tourism,23(8-9), pp.1133-1156. Milner, J.M., Van Beest, F.M., Schmidt, K.T., Brook, R.K. and Storaas, T., 2014. To feed or not to feed? Evidence of the intended and unintended effects of feeding wild ungulates.The Journal of Wildlife Management,78(8), pp.1322-1334. Naidoo, P. and Pearce, P.L., 2016. Enclave tourism versus agritourism: the economic debate.Current Issues in Tourism, pp.1-20. Park, D.B., Doh, K.R. and Kim, K.H., 2014. Successful managerial behaviour for farm-based tourism: A functional approach.Tourism Management,45, pp.201-210.

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Manfred monologue from the play by Lord Byron Essay Summary Example For Students

Manfred monologue from the play by Lord Byron Essay Summary A monologue from the play by Lord Byron NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Lord Byron: Six Plays. Lord Byron. Los Angeles: Black Box Press, 2007. MANFRED: Thou false fiend, thou liest! My life is in its last hour—that I know, Nor would redeem a moment of that hour; I do not combat against Death, but thee And thy surrounding angels; my past power Was purchased by no compact with thy crew, But by superior science—penance, daring, And length of watching, strength of mind, and skill In knowledge of our Fathers—when the earth Saw men and spirits walking side by side, And gave ye no supremacy: I stand Upon my strength—I do defy—deny— Spurn back, and scorn ye!— What are my crimes to such as thee? Must crimes be punished but by other crimes, And greater criminals?—Back to thy hell! Thou hast no power upon me, that I feel; Thou never shalt possess me, that I know: What I have done is done; I bear within A torture which could nothing gain from thine: The Mind which is immortal makes itself Requital for its good or evil thoughts— Is its own origin of ill and end— And its own place and time: its innate sense, When stripped of this mortality, derives No colour from the fleeting things without, But is absorbed in sufferance or in joy, Born from the knowledge of its own desert. Thou didst not tempt me, and thou couldst not tempt me; I have not been thy dupe, nor am thy prey— But was my own destroyer, and will be My own hereafter.—Back, ye baffled fiends! The hand of Death is on me—but not yours!

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Japan was recently hit by an earthquake, followed Essays - Business

Japan was recently hit by an earthquake, followed Essays - Business Japan was recently hit by an earthquake, followed by a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown, which strongly eliminates the supply sources. That will lead to a supply shortage and increase in delivery time. This report states the communication problems faced by Honda Canada. In response to this situation Honda Canada set up its emergency task force headed by Gardner who is the vice president of sales and marketing. Diverse background of David Gardner will able him to see problem from different viewpoints of business good candidate for EFT. He emphasizes the priority on people over business. Automotive industry follows the rule that the diversity of locations of global automotive production. Disasters will affect our supply in Japan o dispersed supply chain influence our assembly line. Honda s vision is to focus on customer service which rises the problem how to communicate the situation Since Honda Canada is largely a distributor, who relies on the finished products from around the world. And four tier supplier structure makes a delay on our awareness of the problems and unable to obtain first-hand information of suppliers .113 Suppliers are severely impacted by the natural disaster including suppliers supplying critical inputs. In face of this situation, Honda Global convey two strategic decisions production facilities keep running and don't lay off associates. ETF feels like the production should be prioritized on the basis of demand. Immediate goal is to get all employee dealers and customer on board and ensure alignment For employee, it is important to keep a balance between consistency and confidentiality. It means we should be open and honest with internal communication and avoid competitors taking advantage of our vulnerabilities. Dealers focus on their own businesses, increased delivery time and limited output will affect our credibility. find a way to communicate. Since they get information mainly fromm field operations associates , we could start form here train them Customers are driven by needs than wants. The most important thing is to convey the information that Honda is still in business. cultural issues it hard for the communicaton .inability to obtain complete accurate information make it harder to decide the information disclosed to the public.

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Abraham Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War Essay - 1

Abraham Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War - Essay Example During the war in November 1863, President Lincoln gave the famous Gettysburg Address speech at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The main point in his speech was about segregation of the blacks â€Å"our country was founded on freedom and equality† (Johnson 144). By the time the war came to an end, both African Americans and the white Americans had participated to save the union and stop slavery, and both losing a great number in the war. However, there has been a question of whether there was a connection between the recruitment of African Americans to fight in the Union Army and the overall message of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address or whether the two developments were completely separate. When the war began in 1861, black units were not used in combat as extensively as they might have been due to prejudice against them. There was fear that the blacks were not as competent enough as the white soldiers and their first recruitment came in 1862 (James 118). It was found necessary to have the blacks also join the war due to the declining number of white volunteers, and the increasingly pressing personnel needs of the Union Army which pushed the Government to reconsider the ban. The African American soldiers were referred to as the United States colored troops. Concerns over the response of white soldiers and officers, as well as the effectiveness of a colored fighting force were raised (James165). Another major fear of recruiting the Blacks in the army was the fear of response of the Border States Border States withdrawing membership from the states, â€Å"The Lincoln administration wrestled with the idea of authorizing the recruitment of black troops† (Johnson 120) . Since the government had called out people to volunteer in the army, they were afraid that should the blacks be introduced in to the army, the officers who had volunteered would withdraw and this would be a setback in the war. Even after recruitment of the blacks to the army in 1863, they were discriminated against with lower payments as compared to their counterparts. Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg rose the declaration of Independence, mentioned its principles of liberty and equality, and he talked of "a new birth of freedom" for the country (Johnson 46). In his brief address, he went ahead to reshape the aims of the war for the American people transforming it from a war for Union to that for freedom. Having advocated for freedom from slavery, winning the war meant an end to the vice thereby freedom. It is important to note that the black troops faced greater peril than white troops when captured by the Confederate Army. In 1863 the Confederate Congress threatened to punis h severely officers of black troops and to enslave black soldiers. As a result, President Lincoln issued General Order 233, threatening retaliation on Confederate prisoners of war (POWs) for any mistreatment of black troops. The South feared Lincoln’s reign which also contributed to the war when he took power. With these facts put down, we can conclude that Lincoln had sincerely advocated for equality. According to the revised official data by James, â€Å"African American soldiers comprised 10% of the entire Union Army (James 42). Of the approximately 180,000 United States Colored troops, and over 36,000 died, or 20.5% (James 32). In other words, the mortality rate amongst the United States Colored Troops in the Civil War was thirty-five percent greater than that among other troops† (James 72). These figures support Lincolns administration against

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Coordinated management of meaning theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Coordinated management of meaning theory - Essay Example It is but natural that the two cannot walk together, unless they are agreed. No coordinated action is possible when the viewpoints are divergent. No one is individually responsible to construct a social situation. A problem surfaces on account of friction and interaction of conglomeration of issues in a group situation. Proper response to such issues can only be through consensus. But social realities often hinder such a possibility. A symposium was held recently in the Community Hall at Houston(TX). Local politicians, police officers and some NGOs who represented the interests of women participated in the symposium. The issue for discussion in the symposium was â€Å"Women safety, how to challenge increasing rape cases.† Initiating the debate the women representative said, â€Å"The politicians and police are responsible for the present state of affairs. No woman feels safe in cities. Police have no control on the issue and the politicians are not serious about it. The judiciary is helpless and the cases in courts linger on for years.† Even as she continued with her angry outburst, the senior police officer intervened. â€Å"Our department is not responsible for increase in rape cases. The moral fabric of the society has been torn asunder. The available security force with us is totally inadequate. The above observations were immediately contested by a police official. â€Å"We are not corrupt. If we receive a complaint against any police personnel, we take action as per disciplinary proceedings rules governing the police department. We are only the investigating agency in rape cases. For delay in the cases and for awarding punishment, we alone are not responsible. Often political pressure stalls the speedy investigation.† Here is a situation that explains the manner in which social words are created. This juncture can be as the point of creating social words. Our social words are created as per the demand of the

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What are the factors that affect the attitude of Chinese young people Essay

What are the factors that affect the attitude of Chinese young people towards classical music - Essay Example This historical period was difficult for national culture, as there were many coup detat, rebellions, national liberation movements and communist revolution. The authors demonstrate positive impact of Western classical music within instable socio-political context. Shanghai National Orchestra became the first large center of classical music, as Shanghai was an administrative center of British Empire in China. This example proves that western instruments and musical preferences can easily merge with Chinese classical music and theatre. Success of pianist Mario Pad and Chinese musician Tan Shuzen showed that the above music had a large target audience in 1910 – 1930th in China. Thus, it became an integral part of Chinese culture, education and music, as China was under continuous influence of Europe countries. In the book â€Å"Flying Dragons, Flowing Streams† Ronald Riddle draws a parallel with integration of Western music in life of Chinese Americans. Chinatown became the place of mixture of two different cultures and a gradual assimilation started. Western popular and classical music had been coexisting with Chinese classics in 1930th – 1950th. â€Å"In the late 1970s both Western classical music and arrangements of Chinese melodies were rehearsed and performed by the Chinese American Youth Orchestra, conducted by Timothy Chan and sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Foundation.† (Riddle 1983, p. 208). The orchestra consisted of young Chinese Americans and successfully performed throughout the USA. Thus, Chinese Americans incline to Western pop and classical music, but try to remain their national culture in the new motherland. Melvin and Cai regard the period of the Hundred Flowers Movement (1957) and the Cultural Revolution as decadence of Western classical music in China. Impact of foreign music was pernicious for Chinese youth, that’s why all educational institutions, orchestras and schools related to Western classical music were destroyed and