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Analytical Support for Decision Making Self Reflection Essay

The analytical support for decision making course is really indeed touching every aspect from my daily job as a lead optimization engineer dealing with a huge drilling real time streaming data. In the past I have worked to prepare quarter review & annual report for our center. Honestly, it was consuming a lot of time to construct a valuable presentation that will impress the upper management. As of time being ASDM is a strong aid to be creative in utilizing, analyzing, projecting & illustrating for our daily data. Here I will highlight major subjects that I got so many benefits from: Data Gathering ASDM is a real guide to perform data analysis. It learns the first steps in how to gather data & how to deal with it. The good part in the assignment is the data was real and taken from World Bank website and the challenge is to identify the best data & find out ways to get the missing data by quantitative approaches. The lesson learned here is any data has to go through cleansing process to be worth for analysis & to reach trustful results. Surveys As we are seeing many surveys floating around in every single website or newspapers in the media, the real question is how trustful the results are. Now with ASDM approaches, it is easier to now that, to dig deep in the survey process. How the survey was done, whom were the sample, location and the time it was conducted. In addition to the right guide in how to do different types surveys & analyze the results for best decisions. Regression As regression deals with trends to find out the relationship level & criteria & help a lot in projection. In my daily work I’m dealing with many drilling trends, like the drilling rig hook load (HKL), surface torque while performing the drilling operation. My job is to identify the strong relationship between many drilling parameters & do a projection. Like for HKL & torque utilizing regression to find out the regression model in a specific formation will help us in identifying the normal / upnoraml trends prior drilling operation for better optimization & savings. In addition the regression will help a lot in the projection ahead to the final drilling target depth. MCDA Multi criteria decision analysis is the decision maker best tool to identify & take in consideration all the factors with relative to their weights & influence in the subject matter. Real life is chain of continuous MCDA has to be taken but differs in size & complication. Although, VISA software is a simple & light, it is superior software to include every single step & illustrate it with a nice & simple way. Personally we are running many projects that take in consideration several factors & MCDA is the best guide came at the right time.

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Of Mice and Men Controlled Assessment Draft

Of Mice and Men is an American novel written by John Steinbeck about two itinerant workers who move from place to place. One itinerant worker named George is a small, smart, caring worker. While on the contrary the other itinerant worker name Lennie is a huge, clumsy, naive character. The story is set in a remote place a few miles south of Soledad. The south is usually the best place to live due to the climate of the area. Soledad is the Spanish word for loneliness and solitary.The two itinerant workers pursue their dream of getting their own farm. During their journey George and Lennie encounter many difficulties along the way. It was not uncommon for itinerant workers to suffer from loneliness, isolation and alienation. These three terms are the terms that will be explained in my essay. Dreams are another main factor in this book. George and Lennie have a dream that is the cornerstone of this book. Their dream is that they will â€Å"live of the fatta the lan’†. This quote is a reference to the American Dream.In this case, the fat is a good thing and fat has many properties and is usually the tastiest part of food, they also said that they will live of the fat. This means that the fat is in abundance. The American dream which says you get what you deserve if you work very hard. The American Dream is almost a capitalist dream. Loneliness is defined to be someone who is sad and/or be companionless. Characters such as George, Lennie, Candy and Curley’s wife all suffer from loneliness. George is lonely mainly because he is an itinerant worker which means he doesn’t stay anywhere for long.George even confesses his loneliness by saying â€Å"Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. † This is when George talks to Lennie beside the river. Lennie is another character that is caught in the trap of loneliness because of his disability and the fact that he always getting into trouble. Candy is lonely as h e only has his dog which eventually dies. Finally, Curley’s wife is lonely as her wife Curley does not give her the attention she wants. Isolation means to separate or to force apart. â€Å"†¦ he limb is worn smooth by men who have sat on it†. Already, in the first paragraph we can see the relationship between man and nature is not the best. Man seems to be destroying nature’s work. The characters that suffer from isolation are the likes of Crooks and Curley’s wife. Alienation is term that is described to a person who is being withdrawn from the world or withdraws them self from the outside world. People often feel alienated as they are being shown disaffection by others. The favourites of Crooks and Curley’s wife suffer from alienation.Crooks suffers from alienation as he is the only black person on the ranch, while Curley’s wife suffers from alienation as she is called names like â€Å"jailbait† (from George) as she is always l ooking for a man and is unfaithful to her husband – Curley. The very first bit of knowledge we know about George is explained in this quote â€Å"The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. The first person/people in something are always the more dominant person as explained in this quote. â€Å"†¦ restless eyes†¦ tells us that he is also a very alert man. Later in the book George also confesses his loneliness to the other ranchers. The other ranchers generally don’t like confessing their own loneliness to others. Quotes like . George is a very father like figure to Lennie, to comfort Lennie he usually says (in this case about Curley) â€Å"you keep away from Curley†. George promised Lennie’s Aunt Carla that he will look after Lennie like a father after she dies. â€Å"One side of the river the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong †¦ Gablian Mountains. This quote explains the q ualities of the two itinerant workers. The quote is saying that George is strong mentally and physically. â€Å"God, you’re a lot of trouble †¦ I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail. † George often loses his temper with Lennie. He knows that he is mentally stronger than Lennie meaning that he can do whatever he wants by himself but Lennie always restrains him. Crooks is a character in the book that gets quite a lot of stick from the other ranch workers. The type of loneliness he suffers from alienation.The two main reasons Crooks is alienated is because he is black and he is also disabled. The other ranchers use derogative terms like â€Å"nigger† and â€Å"stable buck† as a reference to Crooks. In those times they thought that it was alright to call black people any name that they desire. The book describes Crooks’ appearance as â€Å"his body was bent to the left by his crooked spine†. Since the Abrahamic religions started, the side to your left was considered ‘dirty’ so, Steinbeck can use this for a reason for the other ranchers to hate Crooks as they will probably consider him ‘dirty’.As Crooks spends a lot of time by himself, he has the privilege of keeping more prized possessions than the other ranchers as explained in the quote â€Å"he had books, too; a tattered dictionary and a mauled copy of the California civil code for 1905†. You could say that Crooks was quite lucky as he had many possessions unlike all the ranchers as all they owned was a small apple box. Crooks is always the one being picked on; for example one Christmas when all the other ranchers where trying to pick a fight with Crooks. Candy is another character in the book that is disabled.He is also one of the loneliest characters in the book. All Candy has is an old dog. Candy’s dog is described Steinbeck uses quite a few techniques in the book. Some of the techniq ues include allegories and foreshadowing. The best example of an allegory in this book is when Lennie kills the innocent mouse, Candy’s dog is killed and then right at the end of the book Lennie is killed. This also foreshadowed what was going to happen to Lennie as he used to follow George around ‘like a dog’. When Candy had no use of his dog; he decided to dispose of him. This just like what George did to Lennie.

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Employability & Personal Development Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Employability & Personal Development - Article Example Modern day leading industries like electronics and telecommunication are based on the basic principles of Quantum physics. This conference and Max Planck institute not only provides a common ground for experts all over the world to share their innovations but also created an opportunity for companies and individuals that want to choose and earn greatly in the businesses related to this field (Joas, Lehner & Renn, 2008). Content: The major content besides presenting a tribute to the rightly said father of modern physics Max Planck, were research papers regarding different innovations made by experts present all over the world. This conference was also held to raise awareness in business professionals and companies aware of the importance of modern phenomenon in physics for the progress of them as companies and individuals (Joas, Lehner, & Renn, 2008). In the attended conference experts and business professionals from all over the world were gathered at single place. Properties like in vestigation of the issue were addressed at the conference as most of the modern industry is based on the basic instinct as business professional must have. ... Dignitaries from all over the world present in the conference. It also helped understanding the concept of inter-race communication. Research papers by major scientists and people relating to industry were presented in the conference. I can feel a great enhancement in my written communication skills by reading these research papers. Modern day phenomenon of informed consent is also improved by reading the papers written by business icons (Joas, Lehner, & Renn, 2008). Personal development skills on employability: It is a common sensed argument that one can excel greatly in the business profession if he knows basics and modern innovations made by industries and individuals all over the world. Innovative steps are taken on every day basis regarding electronics and telecommunications. Knowledge of the product or service provides a great aid when talking about development of personal development skills and their impact on employability. As an example one can drive a car more safely and ef ficiently if he/she knows basic limitations of engine, brakes and suspension of the car he is driving. Other personal development skills are like one skill to work as an analyst, planner and organizer, team leader and technical knowledge regarding the business one is involved are dependent on the basic knowledge and innovations that are done in the field of that specific business. Another personal development skill required greatly by organizations and as a satisfaction of an individual as business professional is the ability to investigate. One can do critical analysis, critical thinking and profit based analysis of the product produced by its own self or company he is working for if he has basic and new ideas

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Equity in legal system origin, development and significance Essay

Equity in legal system origin, development and significance - Essay Example Today equity apparently has lost its significant correlation to 'justice,' as rules of equity are settled in much the same way as the common law.2 However creations of equity such as including the rights, interests and remedies continue to be of significance in English legal system3 The paper attempts to understand the origin and development of equity as a source of law in the English legal system and analyze the significance of rules of equity and equitable doctrines and remedies in legal proceedings today. While analyzing the significance of equity, it would be imperative to understand its percepts as well as the principles and remedies of equity; hence a discussion on the same is also included. The historical origin of equity in English legal system dates back to the late 13th and 14th centuries. The English legal system of the time - the common law system developed by the judges on the basis of unwritten customary rules and precedents or past judicial decisions - were very rigid and too technical with the procedures such as the writ. The procedural compliance and the legality of the writ often surpassed the merits of the case in legal decisions. The inadequacy of the common law remedy of damages was another issue with the system. Also, the common law only recognized certain kinds of cases; for example, the common law courts did not recognize the Trust deed.4 The defects in common law obviously led to distress, as disappointed litigants directly petitioned the King for justice. The King, considered the 'Fountain of Justice,' either determined the petitions himself or referred the cases to the King's Chancellor, usually a clergyman and priest, known as "Keeper of King's conscience." The petitions were decided on the basis of principle of natural justice and "moral rightness," considering the merits of the case rather than any precedent.5 The broad principles used by the King and his Chancellor's became to be known as rules of equity. Equity was not a complete system of law and as Jacqueline Martin observes, it "merely filled the gaps in the common law and softened the strict rules of the common law." 6 As the volume of cases increased separate courts called Court of Chancery, also called Courts of Equity, were established and administered by the Chancellor. The Chancellors developed new and flexible procedures, as well as new and appropriate remedies to compensate the plaintiffs, which are applicable to this day. However, the jurisdictional overlap of the two systems - common law and equity - led to an inevitable conflict between the two, impinging the certainty of law. The conflict was finally resolved by the King in Earl of Oxford's Case (1615) it was ruled that equity should prevail in case of conflict.7 While the equity courts continued to enjoy supremacy over common law courts, with the enactment of Judicature Acts 1873-75, the common law courts and the court of equity merged together to form the Supreme Court of Judicature, which would concurrently administer common and equity. The supremacy of equity in legal decisions was affirmed in Section 25 of the Judicature Act 1873 an d continues to be followed by the Supreme Court.

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Soc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Soc - Essay Example and said that Symbolic interactionism is a study of human group, life and conduct. [Lindsay Nelson, 1998) Following this definition, this theory gives rise to the importance of understanding the meaning of life and conduct that leads to gender and racial inequalities. According to the study of Corell and Ridgeway, (2004) gender inequalities can be attributed to culture beliefs that institutionalized the category of segregating men and women. This belief on category has created a bias of difference of social inequality of race and gender, and bringing into the system the various multi-faceted structures in life. This question is also related to the study of sociology of sex which is one of the branches of study of symbolic interaction. 2. Knowing what you know now about how the self is constructed, how do you think sociological counseling would work? What is "clinical sociology"? What is the current state of "clinical sociology"? Self is somebody’s personality or an aspect of somebody’s personality, especially as perceived by others. When there is a perceived problem on one’s self, the role of a clinical sociologist is to intervene in order to facilitate change. First a Clinical Sociologist assesses the situation along with the context of beliefs and practices and tries to provide a solution to improve the situation. The clinical sociologist can focus on the role of counseling, (e.g. marriage counseling or community counseling). Clinical sociology has been defined by Jan Marie Fritz as †¦Ã¢â‚¬ the application of the sociological perspective to facilitate changes. The clinical sociologist is primarily a change agent who is immersed in the client’s social world Current state of â€Å"clinical sociology†. Dr. Mark Foster, (n.d.) in an internet article, reported that many universities have incorporated sociological practice in their curriculum, and accreditation bodies have been created for this

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EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT - Essay Example Is it doing all the noise of sustainable production to create attention of the market? I begin my discussion wherein Chipotle is asked by Trilium Asset Management, a consortium of institutional investors, to submit sustainability report in its annual report to know if company follows environmental, social, and governance practices. Chipotle as of 2014 has not submitted such report, while other companies in its industry category have already obliged. (Patton, L.2015). This evasive action puts some doubts on my mind about the honesty of the company. I question also its honesty because a study comparing Chipotle and McDonalds, showed Chipotle food has more calories. (Fotrell, Q.2014). It is like fooling the people. Despite of this, people perceived Chipotle’s food as a better quality, thus company has managed to create â€Å"healthy halo† around the product. The customization (a system where they can choose their own ingredient) and preparing the food in front of customers did wonders, plus its assurance that Chipotle is constantly seeking fresh and sustainable grown food sources. To me, the â€Å"healthy halo† effect means a protective perception when Chipotle put the word â€Å"food with integrity† and organic foods, so people assume that the food is healthy. However, following evidences convinced me to believe Ells supports sustainability not only in words but in practice. According to Chipotle’s own website Ells has been buying naturally raised pork since 1999. He partners with local suppliers to be assured of the quality of its vegetables and meat are in compliance with the quality standards of Chipotle. Company is an advocate of raising animals in humane way, never given hormones and fed vegan way. Local produce of farms should only be within 560 kilometer of the restaurant to be assured of freshness ( My belief is based on acts and

Dadaism and its Influence on Late Mid Twentieth Century Essay

Dadaism and its Influence on Late Mid Twentieth Century - Essay Example The essay "Dadaism and its Influence on Late Mid Twentieth Century" concerns the Dada movement and their art. Design can be shown to have benefited from the innovations that occurred through the Dadaist movement. This paper will review the way in which Dada was defined and relate its evolution to the meaning that was placed in artistic works within the culture of Dada. The discussion will turn towards the work of James Reid and Vivienne Westwoods in order to reveal how Dada has been influential in design. Through focusing on these two designers, the concepts of Dada will emerge as influential to the development of their work and its importance in the evolving topics of design. Defining Dada often leaves the one doing the describing in a perpetual negative space. The explanation is often more focused on what Dada does not represent. Dada does not represent the common, the beliefs that had come before it about what defined art. Dada is about the avant-garde, even though it is technical ly a precursor to avant-garde ideas, but it is questionable that the definition of that term would suffice to describe Dada. Dada can be described for its visual impression, defining what is seen by what is perceived. An example of this is the use of words in order to create a visual impact. What the words say is not more important than the composition of the lettering, the way in which the visual impact performs. The viewer experiences the sensation of reading, but the experience is beyond just that concept. Dada took the evolution of design and printing to a place in which visual impact was used to create communication. At the time of Dada, the explanation of it was obscure; the idea of the irony in its creation meaning that it was the antithesis of all that was art. Dada was â€Å"nothing† as described by Duchamp. According to descriptions by Blythe and Powers (2006, p. 7) â€Å"Dada directed its energies toward challenging accepted notions of art and the tradition of oil painting, most noticeably by designating pre-existing mass produced objects – so called ‘Readymades’ - art and by using the playful language of puns offering humour and simultaneous meanings†. Dada was about using art against itself by creating graphically designed pieces that could be interpreted as anti-art, which in turn made them quintessentially art. The irony of Dada was always that in trying to not be what it was it was more itself. Dada, in not being art, became essentially artistic. Dada was much more than the creation of works of art. The concept of Dada was that it was a culture, defining ways of thinking through new perspectives. Dada was a challenge to the standard, a reversal of tradition in which to be expected would be a sin. Phrases such as â€Å"