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Examining The Homelessness Among Youth In Canada Social Work Essay Example

Examining The Homelessness Among Youth In Canada Social Work Essay Example Examining The Homelessness Among Youth In Canada Social Work Essay Examining The Homelessness Among Youth In Canada Social Work Essay Homelessness among young person is a comprehensive, multi-faceted societal job in Canada. Roebuck.2008. Harmonizing to public wellness bureau ( 2007 ) the estimated official figure of stateless people in Canada ranges from 150,000 to 300,000, one tierce of which are young person of age 15 to 24 old ages. ( Stewart et al.2010 ) . Homelessness means life in out-of-doorss and in abandoned edifice with insecure state of affairs. ( Kisely, 2008 ) . The factors that leads youth into homelessness are household disfunction, school related jobs, need for more freedom and poorness ; this issue is being addressed by the services that are available for them in the country of lodging, income and support services. ( Kisely, 2008 ) . This survey besides includes the critical analysis of policies relevant to youth homelessness, anti oppressive organizational construction for the marginalised young person and recommendations and suggestions to forestall young person into homelessness. The apprehensions about the homelessness among young person in Canada The most important ground that leads the immature people into homelessness is household disfunction. The household struggle may take the immature people into homelessness. This starts when young person have gone through emotional and physical struggle with their parents and besides some childs leave their place due to deficiency of fiscal support from their parent. ( Miller et al, 2008 ) . On the other manus, deficiency of household operation and support leads some young person into homelessness. Similarly, the situational factors like parental divorce or separation and decease of the parents besides make young person into a phase of homeless. Sometimes parent s intoxicant and drug ingestion may take young person in to homelessness status. ( Duroff,2004 ) . The hapless school public presentation is another ground for the young person who leaves their place. The premature departure of the school added to household struggle and the combination of these two factors leads them to go forth place. Furthermore, neglecting a class in school, and jobs with instructors or pupils besides leads some young person into homelessness. Based on my understanding deficiency of instruction create them barrier in happening occupation. Subsequently on it leads to extreme poorness and unemployment among the young person homeless. ( Miller et al, 2008 ) . A strong sense of independency is the primary factor some of the young person leads to homelessness. In some instances youth are like to remain their ain household but due to household struggle they like to remain off from the place. The desire for the more freedom sometimes youth leads into homelessness. And besides, parents over intervention to the young person s personal affairs may go the another ground for the young person to populate their place. ( Miler et al,2008 ) The fiscal crisis of the household or poorness of the household leads to some young person into homelessness. The deficiency of available lodging, limited employment chance, and deficient rewards besides leads youth into homelessness. Furthermore, deficiency of instruction sometimes creates barriers to youth find employment. The deficient stuff demands of the money take them into poorness. ( Miler et al,2008 ) . Homelessness among young person is a turning concern in full Canada. ( Stewart et al. 2010 ) . Eventhough Canadian authorities is offering some service to the young person homeless ; their support demands and support intervention penchant ever non fit with services available to them. ( Stewart et al. 2010 ) . Furthermore, youth homelessness are considered as vulnerable due to shortage of low-cost lodging, deficiency of employment or income, poorness, hapless physical or mental wellness, decreased authorities support, and force or maltreatment in the place. Stewart et al.2010 ( as cited in Campaign, 2009 ; Laird, 2007 ) Furthermore, the form of life manner brings them exposure to force, disregard, chronic poorness, physical and sexual maltreatment, offense, drug and intoxicant usage, unemployment, and societal isolation. ( Stewart et al 2010 as cited in Naboss et al. , 2004 ; Reid, Berman, A ; Forchuk, 2005 ) . Apart from that, the homeless young person frequently reported with unequ al societal relationships, struggle within their households, and exposure to force, condemnable equals, and opprobrious state of affairss. ( Stewart et al 2010 as cited in Haber A ; Toro, 2004 ; Reid et al. , 2005 ) . Therefore, the personal and structural grounds that contribute to subjugation to happen equal lodging for the young person should be addressed by anti oppressive attack of societal work pattern. Harmonizing to Martin ( 2002 ) one of the major grounds that leads immature people into homelessness is lack of normal activities has to make with a deficiency of preparedness and ability to seek and happen paid employment. ( Klodawsky et al.2006 ) . The homelessness young person most of the clip does nt demo much involvement to make any sort of physical activity due to miss of cognition, accomplishment and involvement. The deficiency of formal support contributes major challenges among stateless young person. In the most of the clip homeless young person shows withdraw from the societal web. This creates them barriers to cognize about the services available for them. The homelessness young person barriers to seeking services include denial jobs, force per unit area to focal points on basic resources such as nutrient, vesture and shelter, fright of non been taken as earnestly, concerns about the confidentiality, and deficiency of cognition about available services. In malice of all available services still they face disagreements in available and needed service ( Stewart et al, 2010 ) . The lodging support helps the young person to remain in a safe state of affairs. The homelessness young person betterment needed in shelters including extra beads, a place like environment, less contending among themselves and caring staff. The income support helps them to derive fiscal support. Most of the young person needed fiscal demands is for the educational disbursal. Furthermore, most the homelessness young person needed information about the support services in the country of returning to school, accomplishment preparation, acquiring a occupation, budgeting, and seeking guidance. By and large, the support service for the homelessness helps the young person to get the better of the state of affairs they are populating now. ( Stewart et al, 2010 ) . The strength and restriction of the societal policy for young person homelessness The societal policies are necessary for the homeless young person to rectify systemic and historic inequalities they are confronting in the society. The societal policy is of import to homeless young person to get the better of the systemic barriers they are confronting in the low-cost and unafraid lodging, deficiency of income or income support services, and support services. ( Hulchanski et al, 2009 ) . In Canada the policies related to homelessness young person include lodging policies and plan which include tenant protection act and rent addendum units, exigency shelter policies, income aid, deinstitutionalisation, societal services and discharge of policies from correctional installations. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security,2001 ) . The societal hosing plans provide lodging for the persons and households who are unable to vie in the lodging market. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security,2001 ) . The societal lodging plan gives benefit to the homeless young person to happen better topographic point to populate but the deficient supply of lodging due to miss of new rental building and destruction of bing low-cost rental unit are make them less handiness to the societal hosing. The loss of important figure of low-cost rental units resulted to tenant protection act. In Canada the most of the renter and land Godheads are covered by this policy. Harmonizing to this act a rental unit can be an flat, a house, or a room in a rooming or embarkation house. And the act besides can use to care places and retirement places. ( Government of Ontario, 2010 ) . The chief review about this act is that most of the clip renter wants to pay foremost and last month wage and it create barrier to youth to use this chan ce because of deficient money. The lodging cooperation of Ontario has portfolio of rent addendum unit in a private edifice ; these units are available for the low income families. The rent addendum is a fiscal support straight paid to set down Godhead by probationary authorities. The chief review about this policy is eligibility standards of adjustment need the cogent evidence of Canadian residence and most of the homeless young person do nt hold any papers to turn out their residence. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security,2001 ) . In Canada, the absence of lasting lodging for the hazard population exigency shelter policies for the stateless population. Harmonizing to this act the constabulary can utilize force to oblige the homeless people to utilize shelters particularly extreme whether qui vive. The exigency lodging should non supply lasting lodging options for the homelessness young person. Harmonizing to homelessness action undertaking force in Toronto, some of stateless people are utilizing shelter as lasting lodging these creates the handiness of the beds less. Due to miss of privateness some homeless youth do nt prefer to remain in the shelter. The chief review about this act is the exigency shelters opposed to the development of lasting lodging solution for the young person. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security, 2001 ) . There are batch of income aid services are available for the individual who are populating in the street. The homelessness individual individual is eligible to have $ 195 per month, on a month by month footing. These services are available for the person who are populating in the most vulnerable state of affairs. Homeless young person who are remaining in a shelter would non be eligible for income aid because it is assumed that their demands would be fulfilled in the shelter. The chief review about this policy is that the eligibility standard for the income aid create barriers to the childs particularly the age group of 16 and 17. This makes many young persons to turn into illegal or uninvited beginning of income. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security, 2001 ) . The deinstitutionalisation policy offered by the probationary authorities after the dramatic diminution of mental wellness beds in the psychiatric infirmaries in Ontario. The deinstitutionalisation policy offers community based mental wellness services and dependence service for the homeless people. Deinstitutionalization is frequently credited with the lessening demand of medical attention and besides it is the new beginning of psychiatric attention. The deinstitutionalization procedure is together with the deficit of community-based attention and related to the seeable jobs ofA homelessness. The major review about this policy is that due to miss of social interaction most of the homeless people are non cognizant about the mental wellness issues they are holding and the services available for them. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security, 2001 ) . The societal service policies are assisting the persons, who are insecurely housed to maintain their lodging and give aid to the people who became homelessness. Normally these services are given by instance directors, lodging workers, and different type of people who are working in the societal and lodging sector. The societal service bureaus are giving referral service to the homelessness young person to happen appropriate services harmonizing to their immediate demands. Harmonizing to societal service strategy, the homelessness young person are acquiring employment accomplishment preparation and accomplishment development plan but due to budget cut many of these plans are cancelled by the societal service bureaus. The one of critical impact of this policy is that most of the clip homelessness young person shows less involvement for the accomplishment development. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security, 2001 ) . The discharge policies from the correctional installations help the homelessness young person find exigency shelters upon their release. This policy is made available to the people who are being released from the probationary correctional installations. It ensured the people they have a topographic point to travel in the community. The discharge policy is authorised with the status of release of the individual from the gaol. However, the authorized individual could non oblige the individual who already finished their sentence to travel in an exigency inn. Furthermore, the discharge program is accessed by all wrongdoers who are about to return the community. The major review of this policy is that most of the clip the immature wrongdoers do nt prefer to populate once more in an institutionalized scene. ( Ministry of societal development and economic security, 2001 ) . The strength and restriction of the anti oppressive societal work pattern Anti oppressive attack is a signifier of societal work pattern to turn to the structural inequalities and societal division of the people who are populating in a peculiar societal system. It tries to alter organizational construction and people attitude about the peculiar issue. ( Mullaly, 2010 ) . An anti-oppressive model involves several cardinal overarching dogmas: consciousness of the mechanisms of subjugation, domination and unfairness ; recognition of the structural elements at drama in human behavior ; credence of diverseness and difference ; acknowledgment of the complexness of power ; and necessity for action. ( Karabanow, 2004 as cited in Campbell, 2000 ) . In the anti oppressive attack the homelessness among young person can be addressed by vicinity development, societal development, active engagement, structural definition of the state of affairs, consciousness elevation and societal action. ( Karabanow, 2004 ) . In the anti oppressive attack, the societal development helps the individual to turn to their demands in a corporate manner. The administration that works based on the anti oppressive attack do non look for the street young person s aberrant behavior such as condemnable behavior and drug nut on the contrary, it works for the holistic development of the individual. The holistic attack helps the young person to larn values and respect themselves and others. Furthermore, through the societal development attack an administration can do better understanding about the issues related to youth homelessness. The anti oppressive attack helps the young person to construct self individuality and strength to alter things in their life. ( Karabanow, 2004 ) The active engagement based on the anti oppressive attack helps the young person to plan and implement the shelter program which include youth resident represent the commissions responsible for shelter policy. Furthermore, there are several place available for street young person in the administration particularly the countries of ego aid, common assistance group, peer mentoring and cooking. Engagement within the administration helps the young person to understand mainstream civilization. The active engagement in the administration ever associated with the credence and regard which make the marginalised young person experiencing worthy and being needed. The active engagement represent both street young person and workers to fall in together to build a common vision and way for the administration. ( Karabanow, 2004 ) The anti oppressive administration s chief penetration is to do balance between the populations self constructed images about homelessness young person. The structural attack helps the administration to believe that the societal, political and economic factors of the young person force them into street life. The endurance of the most young person on the street is due to miss of low-cost and clean houses and equal employment. The anti oppressive administrations ever admit the street activities alternatively of knocking the street behavior because the administrations place them within the big context of development and exploitation. ( Karabanow, 2004 ) The witting raising aid the young person to portion past, present and future ends and experience in echt mode. Through the consciousness raising a young person can portion see to others and connect with deeper apprehension of peculiar issue. In the anti oppressive pattern, witting raising involve an confidant and in-depth geographic expedition of one s action through a procedure of cognition edifice, committedness and solidarity. ( Karabanow, 2004 p.56 ) . Furthermore, for the portion of consciousness raising a individual can critically self reflect about the state of affairs they are confronting now. Consciousness raising come out as an intimate procedure of researching, accepting and finally retracing the thoughts of one s yesteryear, present and future orientation. ( Karabanow, 2004 p.56 ) . The anti oppressive administrations promote safe community scenes where marginalised young person can construct and reconstruct a sense of individuality, worth, and understanding of their imme diate environments. ( Karabanow, 2004 p.56 ) . In the anti oppressive model an administration move a measure farther to protagonism for the anomic and stigmatised people. Social action involves a committedness to the cardinal alteration in the society on the signifier of equal intervention for the marginalised young person. The societal action enterprises includes when the street young person to petitioning in the probationary leaders to increase the figure of low-cost lodging and youth employment. Through the societal action motion, the service users and service suppliers try to accomplish specific ends based on the common demands of the population. Based on the anti oppressive attack societal action is sense of committedness and trust for the societal development. Through the societal action the marginalised group besides can take part in the social activities. ( Karabanow, 2004 ) The anti oppressive attacks help the administration to construct safe and respectful environment for the marginalised populations. Furthermore it helps the marginalised young person to place the grass root of the job and the structural inequalities they are confronting in the society. The anti oppressive pattern at the structural degree attempts to alter intuitional agreements, societal procedure and societal pattern that work together to profit the dominant group at the disbursal of low-level group. ( Mullay,2010 ) . The anti oppressive is utile to place systemic inequalities, favoritism, and force faced by marginalised young person based on their gender, age, race, poorness, disablement, sexual orientation, in-migration or Aboriginal position. Furthermore the anti oppressive attack is really utile to understand how these types of structural inequalities make possibility to youth become homeless. The anti oppressive societal work pattern is necessary for reconceptualise the thought of power. ( Mullaly, 2010 ) . This aid the marginalised young person to recognize that how age and poorness create them barrier to happen appropriate lodging. The anti oppressive patterns in the structural degree help the marginalised young person to happen alternate services and administration. Harmonizing to these services marginalised stateless young person can link stateless people in the mainstream administration. The mainstream administration helps them to happen equal solution to the job in a corporate response. The corporate response ever gives immediate response to the job. ( Mullaly, 2010. ) The recommendations and suggestions for the homelessness young person The four primary recommendation to cut downing the homelessness among young person of includes physique on the young persons optimism and finding through the development of equal webs ; mobilise and back up involvement in instruction and employment through contacts with employers ; support ties to household, including extended household or households of pick when available ; and utilize current life agreements or make life agreements which can ease instruction and employment. ( Miller etal, ,2008 ) The hopefulness is really of import for the young person to derive strength to mind.. Building strength is really of import among the homelessness young person because the surveies conducted by Millier et Al 2008 shows that to remain longer as homelessness made them stay as homelessness. The strength can construct among homelessness young person through guidance in the school, shelters and other and other societal service bureaus and besides to the young person support group and webs. The most of the homeless young person see their state of affairs is impermanent and expression for the hereafter development, this shows the clear demand of the edifice the sense of optimism and finding among young person particularly in the countries of instruction and happening a occupation. ( Miller etal, ,2008 ) The administration that works for the homelessness should back up and mobilise the young person to derive involvement in instruction and employment. The deficiency of instruction creates employment barriers to the young person but the portion clip work helps them to go on their instruction. The marginalised young person is looking to better their ability to work through instruction. This shows necessity of the guidelines for youth employment appropriate schooling and preparation. Furthermore, the alternate schooling option besides helps the young person to fulfill their expressed demands in the instruction. This shows the clear demand of more educational grants and subsidies for the marginalised young person. ( Miller etal, ,2008 ) A support tie with household is really of import for the marginalised young person. The household disfunctions are one of the major grounds for the young person to go forthing their place. Family and friends are able to supply aid in the adjustments, fiscal and emotional support. Generally youth has lots friends in the assortment of Fieldss. The household guidance is really of import to forestall homelessness among young person. Through the household reding the worker can forestall household systems break down in the first topographic point. ( Miller etal, ,2008 ) The life agreement and support service for instruction and employment is the most of import wanted thing for the young person homelessness. The current life agreement creates barriers to youth in instruction and finding employment. And some of the marginalised young person think that life or socializing with similar issue holding equals is non favorable for their development. They besides express similar concern in the shelter system. On the other manus, the marginalised young person express to populate in a both positive and supportive environment. This can carry through by the authorities through development of adolescent plan that offer alternate life agreement and positive equal groups through Foster or group places. ( Stewart et al, 2010 ) Hosing is the cardinal right of the human being. The chief recommendation of this survey is to better lodging installations for the young person. Homelessness sometimes leads to the offending and exploitation. The authorities besides should set up societal and income support services for the young person. Through the guidance service the worker can steer the homeless into proper path. Furthermore authorities should pass more money for the societal service who are giving services for the young person. The support cutbacks ever affect the service bureau to supply equal services for the young person. And besides federal authorities besides organise some support services for the young person homeless. ( Stewart et al, 2010 ) . Decision The community based attacks is necessary for the homeless young person to fulfill their demands particularly in the countries of lodging, income, and support. The positive attitude of the societal service bureau helps the young person to come out of the state of affairs they are populating now. Furthermore the alternate service of the bureau, particularly in the country of skill preparation and alternate schooling besides help the young person to get the better of the systemic barriers they are confronting in the society.

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No topic just 4 questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

No topic just 4 questions - Research Paper Example The democratic approach to peace involves considering the rights of the people. When the rights such the right to life, movement and speech are limited leads to suffering. Democracy gives equal chances to the warring communities to exercise their rights. Once the rights are observed, they will stop fighting. In peaceful settlement, it involves dialogue and agreement over issues causing the commotion between the warring ethnic groups. The method of conflict settlement can be the most appropriate because there is no usage of excessive force. The excessive force cause more harm The liberal will employ two methods to settle the conflict. They will use military and economic policies. In the military aspects they will force the two ethnic groups to stop and surrender their weapon. Failure to do so, they will be forced by the, military to surrender forcefully. The economic policies involve widening the dependency between the poor and the rich for the poor to continuously depend on the rich. They will threaten the warring nation with economic sanction in which they have to comply. Failure to compliance leads to total withdrawal of the support. In conclusion, the two aspects of conflict settlement: realist and liberal have the advantages over the other. The liberal is more forceful than the realist. It can be used in few cases as compared to the realism that is harmless and observe human

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The source Code for the implementation of Python Coursework

The source Code for the implementation of Python - Coursework Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that for each of the data files, the program performed multiple query execution. There were 7 questions, each with a separate SQL command to be executed in the program. The outcome is that the output is also displayed as a continuous block at the end of each source code. Essentially, because the questions applied to all the datasets, all the sections of the source code remained the same except the name of the table, which varied in all the source codes, from table2, to table3 then to table4. With this, the results were obtained differently. The second area of modification involved introduction of advanced methods in the management of the data files. This involved the introduction of GUI interactive platform to replace the command line. For example, the user is prompted by the system to enter the file name as shown in the paper. The program worked as per the requirement. This is confirmed by the screenshots captured during the execution of the program. The screenshots contain accurate values for the answers to the 7 questions in each stage. In that regard, the program is not only running, but also it is answering all the 7 questions in various ways. The program was executed in python 2.7.6. The challenge faced in its development process was to eliminate numerous errors. Various syntax and runtime errors were faced in the preparation of the program. The second challenge was the integration between python program and SQLite program. In this project, I have been able to develop the program to perform the analysis of the data in the CSV data files. The future of this program focuses on the ways of increasing the use of graphical tools and objects to further simplify the entire process. The level of success in this project can be given an overall rating of 77%. Once the transformation is done and the system becomes a full GUI application, then the rating can be increased beyond the current 77%.

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Syrian Civil War Essay Example for Free

Syrian Civil War Essay The Syrian civil war is an armed conflict in Syria, which has began on 15 March 2011 with demonstrations and protests against Syrian president Bashar al- Assad, which evolved into an armed rebellion. By now Syrian war cost more than 55,000 lives and many people are still dying in this war. It is important to focus on ending of this war as soon as possible not only for good of Syria but also for the good of whole world. My opinion is that the main problem why this war still continues is because many countries are supporting their economy by sending new and new weapons into Syria, and these weapons don’t end only in hands of Syrian army but also in hands of rebels fighting against the government. I think that first think Syria should focus on in these days is to secure its weapon sites, containing dangerous chemical weapons also labeled as WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction). These weapons became the point of interest of rebels, which are trying to take them and use not only against Syrian army, but also against any else country including the USA. Stated in Adam Clark Estes’s paragraph from The Atlantic Wire, it is scary enough to think of what the Assad regime could do with the several hundred tons of chemical weapons and horrifying to think of what terrorists would do. I think that president Assad should pay more attention to sites and military bases where are these weapons stored and secure them. According to Estes’s paragraph, â€Å"What we know, however, is that the United States and its European allies are working fast and hard to mobilize forces to protect those weapons and, hopefully, avert the unthank able.† He also says that there are also good news and uses retired general Adnan Silou’s quotation that â€Å"It’s unlikely that insurgents would know how to successfully detonate chemical munitions on their own.† I don’t really agree with this opinion, and I think that if rebels would steal the chemical weapons it would be only the question of time until they would find somebody who would arm them. Furthermore Silou says that â€Å"After the regime falls, anyone could take them.† And according to Estes’s paragraph that is the main reason why the United States is working with Israel, Jorda n and the NATO allies to get the troops to those sites as soon as possible. President Obama warned president Assad in BBC news that â€Å"The world is watching. The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable.† The bad news according to Estes’s paragraph are simple. If the chemical weapons will be used, they won’t kill a few people, they kills thousands, and if the weapons will make it out Syria, that could mean thousands of Americans. According to CNN paragraph, Syrian government insists it would never use chemical weapons on its own people. But world leaders say Syria’s desperation could lead to even more tragedy in the war-torn country. I think that the main point of CNN’s paragraph is that many people can’t even imagine, how big danger these chemical weapons represent for humanity, and that’s why CNN is trying to â€Å"introduce† us some of the substances these weapons contain. According to CNN paragraph, military analysts believe Syria may have one of the largest stockpiles of chem ical weapons in the world. All the stocks of these weapons that the Syrian Arab Republic possesses are monitored and guarded by the Syrian army. These weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said in July. When we are talking about the substances these weapons include, we are talking about chemicals like sarin, mustard gas or VX gas which are able to kill thousands of people in few minutes or cause permanent illnesses like cancer or blindness. According to CNN’s paragraph sarin gas is an odorless nerve agent that can cause convulsions, paralysis and respiratory failure. Nerve agents are the most toxic and rapidly acting of the known chemical warfare agents. Sarin quickly evaporates from liquid to vapor form and disperse into the environment. It also mixes easily with water and can poison a water supply. VX is another nerve agent that can be lethal when inhaled. It can also be dispersed in a liquid form; even a few small drops on the skin can lead to the same effects as sarin gas. Compared with the nerve agent sarin, VX is considered to be much more toxic by entry through the skin and somewhat more toxic by inhalation, the CDC said. Mustard gas also known as sulfur mustard leaves chemical burns on the skin, eyes and even the lungs when inhaled. While mustard gas can be fatal, it also can disable victims and can cause cancer or permanent blindness. Syria promised to not use these weapons in the civil war, but will it really keep this promise? Syria’s war is now 21-month long conflict and many people aren’t so sure that these weapons will stay in their sites. Ahmet Uzumcu, director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said â€Å"For the first time in the history of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which entered into force in April 1997, there are serious concerns that chemical weapons might be used.† President’s Assad newest speech about that would begin a peace process and keep the besieged leader in power was – according to ABC news paragraph – quickly rejected by the USA president Obama. Furthermore State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Assads latest plan is detached from reality and would only allow the regime to continue its oppression of the Syrian people. Assad spoke Sunday in a rare public speech, outlining a new peace initiative that includes a national reconciliation conference and a new constitution. He ignored international demands to step down and pledged to continue the nearly two-year fight against rebels challenging his authoritarian rule. Nuland says Assad has lost all legitimacy and should step aside to allow for a political solution and a democratic transition that satisfies the Syrian people. My opinion to the actual situation is that, both USA and Syria should try to find solutions and not putting each other on side and trying to solve problems individually.

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Out Board Propeller Dynamics :: physics boat propeller

Missing Figures In The fall of 2004 I purchased a boat and outboard. The company that built the boat also had the responsibility of mounting the out board. Unfortunately the company built the transom of the boat to high and this had a major effect on the boats performance. With the prop so close to the water’s surface the out board would ventilate ever time I tried to get the boat up on step. It would also ventilate on tight turns at high speeds. Unless I wanted to ship the boat back down to Seattle for modifications I would have to find a propeller that would operate effectively near the surface. The follow is some of the things I learned while solving this problem. As the propeller rotates (fig 3-1) it forces water down and back as this is happening water must move into the void created by the spiraling blades. This creates a pressure differential across the blade- Low pressure on the back side and high pressure on the front side. This causes water to be sucked into the propeller and accelerated out the back (fig 3-3) much like a house-hold fan (fig 3-2). This action creates the thrust that drives a boat. It is common knowledge that water boils at 100deg C (212deg F) at sea-level atmospheric pressures. Water will also boil at much lower temperatures if the pressure is reduced. This is the key to understanding cavitation. As an object move though the water at increasing speeds the fluid on the side and back of the object experiences a decrease in pressure. On a propeller this area of low pressure is on the back side of the leading edge.(see fig 3-1) Pluse- If this decrease in pressure is great enough it can cause the sea-water to boil (Vaporize). Once these bubbles of vaporized water travel down current to the front of the propeller they enter the high pressure side of the blade and are condensed back into liquid very rapidly. These small implosions of water vapor can cause cavitation burns on theblade and lower unit of the outboard. (see fig 4-21) 4-21 From a functional stand point these bubbles can compromise the outboards performance. As the water vapor travels from the back to the face of the blades they can decrease the water load on the prop (water contact surface with the propeller blades).

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Hamas Victory

The international community should continue with its restrictive policies towards Hamas even after it has recorded huge victories in the Palestinian’s election. Hamas has in the past declared its open hostility principle towards Israel its interests especially in the Middle East. Unless it openly denounces such ideas, it should continue to be treated as a terrorist group. Hamas is also referred to as the Islamic Resistance Movement. It practices both party politics and militarism. It is its later mission that has seen its branding as a terrorist organization by nations such as United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Israel amongst others. The European Union has also blacklisted it for exhibiting terrorist tendencies. It is currently having its moment of glory in Palestine having recorded surprise wins in the parliamentary elections that astounded many especially across the western world (Levitt, Matthew, 2006). The history of Hamas dates back to 1987. Its formation is known to have been inspired the Muslim brotherhood, a group reputed to have committed countless terrorist acts towards the Israelis. Hamas is said to have been formed by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin with a sole objective of annihilating the state of Israel and forcing its total withdrawal from the disputed Palestine territory. This is what its charter stipulates. It is credited for having been the mastermind and perpetrator of violence against the Israelis and their interests all over the world, these acts are meted out with impunity only equaled to that of al Qaeda. Together with Al Qaeda, Hamas leads the list of the worst terrorist organizations in the world (James L. Gelvin, 2005). After winning the elections in 2006 and assuming power, it issued a 10 year truce to Israel and vowing to let go temporarily, its suicide missions if the later withdrew from the disputed territories of Gaza, Jerusalem and West bank. This however was not the first truce as again in 2004, it had offered a truce if Israel could totally withdraw from the territories it captured during the Six Days War. This truce however was not held for long as it attacked Israel later in August 2005. Hamas had opted out of the presidential election in 2005 running for the municipal ones where it took control of some important territories. In the parliamentary elections the following year, it was able to garner over 42 percent securing majority seats. Hamas has been accusing Israel of violating the stipulations on the road map that had posited the formation of a Palestinian state, its feud is not limited to Israel only but also to the United States and is ready to wage terrorist attacks against the U.S in 2006 for example, a statement issued by the Hamas officials but later denied, urged the Muslims to target America and its interests all over the world, accusing it of providing financial and logistic support to the Israelis. Hamas officials though, have never owned up to any attack against the United States or to any other country apart from Israel (Lynfield, Ben, December 27, 2004). Its Democratic election into power has thrown a spanner in the works complicating relations with major powers in the world as well as the neighboring countries in the Middle East. Major countries in the western world have always branded Hamas as a terrorist organization. Japan for instance froze all Hamas properties within its jurisdiction in 2005. Jordan has in turn outlawed it due to its terrorist activities. All this animosity is directed to a political and terrorist organization that according to polls conducted in 2007 enjoys over 65% of popular support of Palestinians. The wide public support it has received stems from how it has initiated reforms in morale dilapidated country. It is rooting out massive corruption entrenched in the bureaucracy and order is being restored in the disputed territories. The bloody counter retaliations between the Hamas and Israel however continue, with both sides maintaining their hard stance. With grim prospects for a peaceful co existence, the issue of Hamas leadership in the Palestine state remains a headache for the western countries. Hamas has initiated a number of attacks this year killing a handful and maiming many in the region. It has perfected the art of guerilla warfare employing it tactfully against Israel. It is also accused of executions within its file and rank and also against its key rival, the Fattah. The United States however has been categorical in its stand even in the face of possible political realignments in the Palestine state. One state department spokesman said that the United States still maintains Hamas in its terrorist organizations’ list. The election has not changed this unless Hamas denounces its atrocious acts (Michael P. Arena, Bruce A. Arrigo, 2006). It is more than apparent that the United States is dismayed by the results but was quick to praise the temporal peaceful coexistence of people in Palestine. It is interesting to note that the Bush administration was non committal of the elections in Palestine as the prospects of Hamas loosing seemed grim. All this however is in the midst of reports in the media that the United States government together with president Mahmoud Abbas had planned to oust the Hamas leadership from the government. This was in an effort to overturn the gains made by Hamas. Hamas has been largely blaming the United States for funding and arming the Fattah combatants in its bid to water down its recent reigns (Tiebel, Amy, 2007). Some nations in Europe are caught between a rock and a hard place. There is a need to legitimize the democratic process that brought Hamas to power but also these countries are wary of an organization that has been labeled a terrorist group. Europe is divided. Berlin and the United Kingdom are adamant that they will have no relations with the Hamas. Russia however on the other hand welcomed Hamas leaders in Moscow, Turkey has also followed suit. Since its formation in 1987, Hamas has grown massively and seems to have stricken a chord with most Palestinians as evidenced in the latest elections. The greatest supporter of Hamas and financial bankroller is Iran. This is its vocal supporter but it has always denied claims of providing finances as alleged by the United States. The coming to power of the Hamas was met with elation from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran who vowed to back the country financially. The United States claims that Hamas is funded by some Arab countries as well as private businessmen. Most of these countries maintain anti United States stand and are in support of any group that is likely to maintain hostility against Israel. The elevation of Hamas into power legitimizes the relations that Hamas may have had with those countries (Andersen, Mark, 2004). Iran has vowed to commit funds to help the democratically elected government in Palestine. Most of those countries that support Hamas are doing so on the claims of strengthening democracy and seeing it as a solution to the disputes in Middle East. It is obvious that the coming into power of Hamas has complicated the relations that most nations have had with it. Many are in a dilemma on whether to initiate diplomatic contacts with its members or to deal with the president directly. However putting into consideration what Hamas has always stood for, the stand by America and Germany is the way to go, no negotiations of any sort or diplomatic relations should be instituted until Hamas denounces its acts of terrorism and its stand against Israel. References Levitt, Matthew, 2006. Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad, Yale University Press. James L. Gelvin, 2005. The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War, Cambridge University Press. Lynfield, Ben, December 27, 2004. Hamas gains grassroots edge, Christian Science Monitor. Andersen, Mark, 2004. All the Power: Revolution Without Illusion, Punk Planet Books. Tiebel, Amy, November 27, 2007. â€Å"Analysis: Tough Mideast Bargaining Ahead†, Associated Press. Mark Weitzman, Steven Leonard Jacobs,2003. Dismantling the Big Lie: the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, KTAV Publishing House. . Michael P. Arena, Bruce A. Arrigo,2006. The Terrorist Identity: Explaining the Terrorist Threat, NYU Press.

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Politics in theUnited States - 834 Words

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